Success in business in the twenty-first century demands efficient and effective use of resources. Everyone in the organization, from the front line associate to the top level of the company must focus on creating value for customers. Investment in financial and human resources requires the highest possible returns in order to secure customer loyalty and to realize competitive performance.

Your organization will develop a culture where continuous improvement, higher levels of achievement, standards of excellence, and exceeding customer expectations prevail. The results are immediate and life-changing.

Our approach will:

  • Develop individuals to achieve their potential
  • Improve employee satisfaction, attitudes, and morale
  • Enhance self-esteem and build confidence
  • Reduce employee turnover and build positive attitudes
  • Develop a cohesive, energized team with a united purpose
  • Foster shared responsibility within the organization
  • Break down barriers and foster cooperation
  • Improve communication at all levels and reduce stress and conflict
  • Develop and promote understanding and trust
  • Improve interpersonal relationships
  • Free employees to share ideas for improvements
  • Retain customers and enhance capacity
  • Develop leadership and internal growth opportunities
  • Promote development of subordinates
  • Refine organizational vision and purpose
  • Align personal and professional goals and define strategic direction
  • Improve quality and effectiveness at all levels
  • Develop and sustain corporate values
  • Reduce excessive overtime and down time
  • Reduce waste and errors and organizational costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction and customer-focused growth
  • Foster feelings of personal fulfillment
  • Develop “big picture” thinking
  • Grow your organization and build commitment
  • Improve organizational profits


Case Studies

Case 1: Strategic Planning for Marketing/PR Firm

  • April 2009 – July 2009
  • We worked with a 15 year old firm to create a new strategic plan aimed at growing revenues 90% over an 18 month period. Results were 85% growth with specific goals accomplished and a clear direction for the future of the company.

Case 2: Management Development for a Financial Services Firm

  • November 2011 – July 2012
  • We facilitated a management development program, including team leadership, with ten managers over a 9 month period. Results were significant improvements in cross-department communications, improved people skills for new managers and greater focus on goal achievement consistent with company goals.

Case 3: Customer Loyalty Process for a Gymnastics Training Company

  • April 2010 – July 2010
  • The client wanted to increase customer retention. At the outset it was only 40%. We facilitated a customer loyalty development process for their two most senior coaches and one manager focusing on building customer relationships, handling customer feedback and more. Following our work with them the retention rate improved to 80%.

Case 4: Executive Management

  • February 2013
  • Coached a mid-level executive to create a career plan. Six months later he had three job offers including a promotion to CFO of his current employer’s Asia division responsible for six plants in China and India.

Case 5: Strategic Planning – Not for Profit

  • July 2012 – May 2013
  • Facilitated the development of a five-year strategic plan for 30 year old not-for-profit organization. The committee consisted of the founder and seven other people who had served as board members and current and former board presidents.

Case 6: Strategic Planning for a Wellness & Weight Loss Company

  • September 2013
  • We facilitated preparation of a five year strategic plan for a local wellness and weight loss company with a focus on preparing to grow the company and exit in five years. Progress continues as of this writing.